Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Chaos by design and creating ai artificial intelligence

I recently read that artificial intelligence cannot be programmed because we have not yet understood intelligence. Here's my crack at it.

Chaos exists by design or lack there of. Therefore choice is more important than chance. If there are many ways to accomplish one instance of a task then that is proof of chaos by design. Otherwise there would always be the same outcome and time would freeze because chaos would cease to exist. Chaos is free will. Free will to choose to experience. Experience is the collection of interactive instances. Experience is not specific to any category. Intelligence is the capability to evaluate experience and information. Evaluation is the capability to discern based on previous experiences. Information includes self generated evaluations of experiences.

We cannot expect to build ai and load it with data and have it compile or run. That's not intelligence. Intelligence is the ability and capacity to withstand a barrage of stimuli and evaluate and discern continuously to build a unique self analysed database. The ability to be born as a baby and learn and be taught is what should be aimed for. If you can develop a program which starts out as a baby that is meant to learn and develop over time, you've created artificial intelligence.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

People Aren't Smaller, Better Smelling Horses